One of the things we usually get asked is—why Ezy Skips? Our answer to that is simply: because we’re the best in what we do. From our bins to our personnel, Ezy Skips is everything you need to be able to properly store and dispose of your rubbish easily. We’re the best skip bin hire Melbourne has to offer, and we have the history, the experience, and the testimonials to prove it.

Do you need to store your bins because of a renovation? Give us a call, and we’ll help you out. Do you have a lot of rubbish that needs to be removed from your premises? Let us know, and we’ll fix that for you as well. Or do you produce a lot of junk on the regular, and you need to find a way to store it? That’s what we do! Let us help you.

But don’t take our word for it. Read on, and find out exactly what it is that Ezy Skips brings to the table.

Best Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

We don’t just say that for the sake of saying it. We are the best in skip bins, at least if you’re in the south-east and eastern sides of Melbourne. If you’re in need of some expert rubbish management, or if you just need to find a better way to store your rubbish, then stop searching the internet right now. You’ve found the right guys for the job.

We’re the best Melbourne has to offer because we live in Melbourne. That alone gives us the edge in the local skip bin service. We’re not a faceless third party that you’re just going to see every time you give us a call. We’re your neighbors, and we’re invested in keeping our part of the city clean. We live in it too, after all.

This also means that it’s real easy to get in touch with us. Ezy Skips is a skip and a hop away from where you live, so if you give us a call in the morning, we’re going to be at your doorstep within the day. That’s because we know our service area like the back of our hands. We’re not going to get lost in our own backyard!

Bin Selection

And as far as bin selection is concerned, we’ve got you covered. Ezy Skips has an assortment of bin sizes at the ready, so all we really need from you is just an estimate of how much waste you’ll be storing. And the best part is, if you don’t have an idea of how much rubbish you need to put away, we’ll help you figure out the best solution for your case. We can do this for you because we’ve been at it for a while, and we know what we’re doing.

Our bin selection is simple, because we think that trash disposal should be simple. You either have plenty of trash, just a little bit of trash, or no trash at all. Whichever the case, we have bins that can serve a small family of three, or a large office that generates at most eight cubic metres of rubbish every month. If you’re still not sure which one you need, we can look at the rubbish that you need to store, and make an educated solution from there.

We Know Our Trash

Make no mistake; here at Ezy Skips, we will be able to help you pick out the bin that you need. That’s because we know our trash. We have experienced plenty of unusual situations in the past that required unusual solutions, and we’ve taken all that experience with us, and learned from it. So if you think that your situation is going to be a tad difficult, give us a shot. We may very well surprise you with our solution!

So if you’re interested in a short-term storage solution because you’re cleaning out your house, give us a call. We have a service that can be of use. If you need a regular solution for a wide variety of organic waste, we can also help you there. Again, give us a call; we know what we’re going to be dealing with. There is no trash job so small that we can’t be of help. Neither is there a trash job so big that we can’t handle it.

Customer Satisfaction

But again, don’t take our word for it. Feel free to browse through our client testimonials to find out just why we’re the best skip bin hire Melbourne service. We’ve made these people happy—and we’re eager to find out how we can be of help to you.



Why You Should Use EZY Skips