bin_3700-1600-1660As Skip Bin Hire specialists, EzySkips provide four different sized skip bins for your convenience. If you are unsure about what size bin you need. call EzySkips on 0409 704 717



2m³ Bin


Dimensions: 1900x1600x950mm

This is our smallest skip bin. Great for grass clippings, garden waste and small household goods. Don’t forget the weight restrictions on household goods.

3m³ Bin

3m-binDimensions: 1400x1800x1350mm

This skip bin is perfect for larger household items which can be easily lifted, as well as green waste and small items left over from household renovation.

4m³ Bin
4m-binDimensions: 3300x1600x950mm

This skip bin has an easy access door, so it’s great for those larger items such as furniture, bricks and renovation waste.

6m³ Bin

6m-binDimensions: 3700x1600x1250mm

If you really want to go all out, this is our largest skip bin. Again featuring easy access, it’s just the thing for those dauntingly large jobs. Just roll it in, close the door and we’ll take it out of your life.

8m³ Bin


Length 3770mm app Width.  1600mm Height  1660mm


Remember, if you’re unsure, call us on 0409 704 717