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EzySkips are your local Bin Hire & Skip Bin Hire Specialist, servicing the South-East and Eastern side of Melbourne.  Whether you are performing a major renovation or just a spring clean, we can help you with your rubbish removal, waste management and skip bin hire for all your requirements.
No matter how big or how small we have bins for hire to suit your needs.
4m-bin-homeRemember the days when you could buy the bread and milk and still get change from a dollar – When you could say hello to the guy next door, whether he was the mayor or the milkman? More importantly, whenever you needed something done, you would speak to a real person.
We work and live in your local area, so all it takes is one phone call to and we will help organise everything for you skip bin hire.







Skip Bins are of great importance to everyone. Want to keep your environment clean? Ezy Skips is one of the best companies for Waste Management Services based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide Local Bin Hire Specialists that offers excellent services in waste management.


We have highly efficient customer management systems that will take less time for you to get all the waste management issues solved. Just order us and we’ll take the wastes out of your life.


EsySkips provides numerous types of Skip Bins with different sizes depending upon your needs. We offer Bins that includes Commercial Bins, Mobile Bins and other Recycling options for the residents of Melbourne.


Let us have a look at some of our Mobile Skip Bins and get to know about the Skip Bin Sizes that we have in for our Customers.


  1. 2m3 Bin


When it comes to mobility, EsySkips have some exciting solutions for affordable skip bins. We have some easy to shift bins and it can be movable to different buildings and areas. For Mobile Bins, this is one the best skip bin sizes available in East Melbourne from Dandenong to Frankston skip hire.


The Dimension for the 2m3 Skip Bins is 1900 X 1600 X 950 mm. This is probably the Smallest  Skip Bins that Ezy Skips offers for its customers. This is one of the best sizes available for small waste management tasks.

You must ensure to keep up with the weight issues and other restrictions that will be told during the delivery. Also, we have some restrictions on the Household hazardous goods that you can know over the phone.


You can use our 2m3 Skip Bin for the following work:


  1. Garden Wastes
  2. Grass Clippings
  3. Small Household Goods


  1. 3m3 Bin


The 3m3  is probably better for larger households who have a large requirement. The 3m3vbbin comes with a dimension of 1400 X 1800 X 1350 mm. With such large dimension, you can get all your requirements fulfilled related to waste services.


The 3m3 Bin comes under the category of mini Skip Bin that is very accessible and is very economical compared to the other bins of similar sizes available in the market.


The major advantage with this Skip Bin Size is it can be lifted by the Garbage Career Vans very easily.


These Skip Bins can be used for very small commercial requirements as well. You can use these skip boxes for cleaning at your Offices, Shops and Houses too.


For Home Use, the 3m3 Skip Bin can include the following kinds of Waste products:


  1. Household Renovation Wastes
  2. Small Waste Items
  3. Green Wastes


  1. 4m3 Bin


The 4m3 Mobile Skip Bin is the largest Skip Bin that offers good mobility access. This is the largest Mobile Skip Bin that we have for our clients. With a dimension of 3300 X 1600 X 950 mm, the 4m3 Mobile Bin will help you with the Office Waste, Factory Waste, renovation problems and much more. It provides a large storage for Waste Management tasks.


This Skip Bin Size is probably larger and better than the 2m3 and the 4m3 Mobile Bin if you have loads of wastes on day to day basis.


The main advantage with the 4m3 Skip Bin lies with an access door to the Bin. Therefore, it offers a better solution to those who have larger waste management requirements. This will, therefore, help to lock the waste products so that it does not fall out of the Skip Bin and again increase your mess around.


This  Skip Bin will help you to resolve the following issues:


  1. House Renovation
  2. Retail Outlet Overhaul
  3. Shop Cleaning process
  4. Factory and Workshop Renovation


We provide best and affordable services in the whole of Melbourne for Rubbish Removal, Waste Management, and just any other thing related to it.


We have different products suitable for your different needs. We have Bins and others products that will help you in Spring Cleaning or even if you’re up with a major renovation of your Offices, Commercial Spaces, Houses or just anything else.


We have Skip Bin specialists and we offer services in the Eastern Side of Melbourne and in the South – East region too. We are the best when it comes to Mobile Skip Bin services in the city of Melbourne. We care for your time. We offer Bins to you at any given point of time depending upon your convenience.