Let’s face it: renovating your house is never an easy thing. Aside from the logistics, there’s also the question of what to do with the excess scrap materials. No matter how big or how small your renovation is going to be, you can be sure that there will always be one constant: you’re going to have a lot of trash. And this isn’t just a bagful of tossed wrappers. We’re talking pieces of drywall, scraps of wood, nails, used pails of plaster and paint—basically, the whole shebang.

So what do you do when you’re dealing with this kind of problem? There are plenty of possible solutions, thankfully. Ranging from the most obvious to the most expensive, these solutions are all viable, and your choice would really depend on what kind of skip bin waste disposal service you need, and what you can afford. If you’re conducting a small renovation that won’t generate too much trash, the cheapest solution might be the best for you. But if you’re conducting a much bigger operation, it might actually be cheaper to go for a more professional solution.

Read on, and find out what each solution can do for you.

Disposing of it Yourself

This is by far the most obvious solution, and depending on where you are located, or your equipment on hand, it can also be the easiest. Disposing of your renovation waste yourself means that you will be the one bringing your trash over to the government’s waste facilities. You will also have to be the one storing the waste during and after the completion of the renovation. Depending on how big the renovation is going to be, this can either be easy, or hard—bigger projects usually mean more waste materials.

The two biggest issues with this method is storage space, and transportation. If you don’t have a skip bin big enough to store your waste, then space is going to become an issue if you’re working on a big renovation. You may need to rent a bin for your storage needs. And if you don’t have a truck that you can use to bring your waste to the waste facilities, transporting your rubbish might also become a problem.

Residential Trash Pickup

Local government units do have a residential trash pickup service that might be useful in instances like these. The waste pickup service is relatively cheap, does not discriminate in the type of rubbish that you might have to throw away, and generally has a schedule that can help you plan your renovation in a way that you don’t accumulate too much waste before the pickup service drops by. So this can be an appealing solution for most individuals.

The problem with this solution is that it still doesn’t solve your problem of storage space. If you’re going to be using the storage bins provided by the residential pickup team, they may not be big enough for your needs. If you don’t have a skip bin, though, you may not have much of a choice, as renting a bin will still be more expensive than what you will have to pay for residential pickup. However, this is a viable, and relatively cheap solution for small renovations.

Hiring a Company

This is perhaps the most expensive solution to your renovation waste needs. However, it might also be the simplest. A hauling company will not just provide you with the bins you need for your renovation, they will also make sure that the waste is properly delivered to the disposal facilities on a regular basis. So if you’re conducting an incredibly big renovation job, this might be the best way to go.

The only issue with hiring a company to do this for you will be the fact that it won’t be cheap. If money is your issue, then a company might prove to be too expensive an option.

Combine Them All!

Luckily, however, you don’t have to stick with strictly just one solution. A combination of all three might be the most cost-efficient way of dealing with your renovation waste. You can ship some of the smaller items to junk shops and donation centres that can utilize the scrap that you normally wouldn’t need. For bigger jobs, you can rent a skip bin from a professional hauling company, and have the residential pickup service take care of hauling away your trash. This way, you are maximizing all of your resources without spending too much on the process.




Your Guide To Renovation Waste Removal in Victoria