Skip Bins Hire In Dandenong

Having to efficiently dispose of loads of trash and household waste is always not an easy task, particularly at times when it involves a lot of heavy labor, be it in the house, or at the office. The waste buildup is relatively fast and oftentimes overlooked. By the time you notice it, you will find yourself surrounded by too much clutter. You will have a hard time if you don’t have the right means of disposal in place.

Ezy Skips is a skip hire company specializing in waste management, offering services in South-East and the East side of Melbourne, including Hallam & Frankston Melbourne. Whether you are operating a large renovation or simply just decluttering for spring, we can assist you with your waste removal and skip bin hire according to your specifications.

No matter what size you need, we have bins for rent, applicable to your needs. As specialists in skip bin hire, Ezyskips provides a variety of four skip bin sizes for your comfort. Here are the bin sizes and specifications so you can get a clearer idea:

  1. 2m3 Bin – Dimensions: 1900x1600x950mm

This is the smallest skip bin we have in store. Good enough for grass cuttings, garden litter, and small domestic furnishings. Always remember the weight limitations on household items.


  1. 3m3 Bin – Dimensions: 1400x1800x1350mm

This skip bin is ideal for bulkier household goods which can be lifted with ease, including green waste and little things left over from household repair.


  1. 4m3 Bin – Dimensions: 3300x1600x950mm

An easy-access door is built in this skip bin, making it perfect for larger items such as furniture, blocks, and renovation junk. Just put everything in, tidy it all up, shut the door, and we’ll get it out of your area for good.


  1. 6m3 Bin Dimensions: 3700x1600x1250mm

If you plan to take the maximum size available to accommodate your waste removal needs, this is definitely the largest skip bin we can offer you. The easy-access door that can facilitate an effortless way of dealing with really huge stuff is also the highlight of this size.

All these sizes are available to better fit your specifications properly. We also want you to know that if you are unsure of the size that is suitable for your waste management needs, you can always call us at 0409 704 717, and we’ll surely be ready to assist you in every way we can.

Advantages of Skip Bin Hiring:

  • By hiring skip bin services, you can do away with all kinds of rubbish at one time. It saves you valuable effort and time by avoiding multiple walks to dispose of your trash.
  • Skip bins are relatively large and serve as the all-around solution for your home and office waste management. They can flawlessly accommodate all the junk from your house and office building.
  • You not only save time, money, and effort with proper waste management, but you also protect the environment. The most important thing that skip bin hire companies offer is responsible waste disposal system. They definitely know what to do with trash. With proper waste treatment, your entire neighborhood can get a cleaner and safer environment.

More Info about Skip Hire Dandenong:

Ezyskips is operating 6 days in a week, from Monday to Saturday. Rented bins are allowed to stay with the clients for 3 days. Should you need them longer than that, give us a call, we’ll give you a quote, and we can make arrangements suited to your needs.

Ezyskips puts into categories the different types of waste materials that we allow. There is the General Waste which includes household items like carpets, boxes, furniture, electrical tools and supplies, and pottery. Heavy Waste is classified as leftovers from household restoration, to the likes of nails, wood, bricks, glass, and many others. Clean Fill includes soil and dirt only. Lastly, Green Waste is the organic and biodegradable materials from your yard and garden. It is very important to us to help you in the preservation of the Earth by practicing proper waste disposal. Again, if you are confused, we can guide you in categorizing your waste. So don’t worry, we are just one call away.

We cover a wide area of the East and South East region of Melbourne, offering you the convenience of hiring a bin at your most comfortable time.

Remember that we at Ezyskips are very driven to accommodate your needs and give you the best quality service, delivery and value for what you paid for.