Waste Disposal Melbourne Style


People should learn proper waste disposal Melbourne style. Now, more than ever, the importance of waste disposal has never been this crucial due to the negative impact improper waste management causes to the environment.


It is a great comfort knowing that one of the best cities in the world has strict compliance when it comes to waste disposal and management.


The government and the residents are working hand in hand to reduce waste. The former provides guidance and assistance in taking care of the wastes; what can be recycled and what should be sent to the landfill. While this system works efficiently, and the Melbournians being keen recyclers, tons of recyclable materials are still being sent to landfills.


Here’s a quick guide on what you can put in your garbage and recycle bins. It is important to note that garbage must be wrapped to avoid mess during pick up.


Garbage bins should include:

·      General rubbish

·      Wrapped nappies

·      Food scraps including meat and bones

·      Broken glass (drinking glass), as well as glass from broken windows and mirrors

·      Non-recyclable items such as electrical packaging, cup from takeaway drinks, soft plastics similar to cling film


Chemical wastes such as oils, paints & solvents, car parts, bricks and building materials, and hard plastic containers should not go into the garbage bin.


Recycle bins should contain the following wastes:


·      Cans

·      Papers and cardboards

·      Boxes such as pizza boxes

·      Cartons including milk and juice cartons

·      Glass bottles and jars

·      Aluminium foils and trays

·      Ink cartridges

·      Pots and pans, excluding lids made of glass

·      CD cases


Take note that recyclable materials should not be put in a plastic bag to ensure that they will be added to the biodegradable items.

Instead of throwing away your used plastic bags, you may still find uses for them. You can use them as a bag for your next grocery shopping, reliable lunch bag, and even liners for your trash bins.


Skip Bin Hire Specialist Services and Waste Disposal Melbourne


While the government has waste disposal programs that is being strictly followed, there are also companies that provide skips hire. The advantage of this is you get to decide when you can have your bins delivered and picked up. There is no need to wait for pick up schedule for the wastes you want to get rid of right away.


EzySkips is your friendly local neighborhood Skip Bin and Skip Bin Hire Specialist in the Southeast area and the Eastern side of Melbourne. Our job is not only to care for you, your business, and your home but also for the environment.


The types of waste we can remove and dispose of include but are not limited to general wastes, heavy wastes, clean fill and organic wastes. No matter how small or big the job is, it can be done.


At a competitive rate, EzySkips works in the areas of Chelsea, Patterson Lakes, Seaford, Carrum, and Carrum Downs. We are also in Frankston, Springvale, Aspendale, Mount Eliza, and Noble Park.


We frequently visit, remove and pick up skip bins in Mulgrave, Cranbourne, Narre Warren, Clyde, Skye, and Officer. If you are based in the area of Beaconsfield, Berwick, Fountain Gate, City of Port Phillip, and the City of Banyule simply give us a call.


In addition, we also deliver to and collect your skip bins from the City of Boroondara, City of Knox, City of Manningham, City of Maroondah, City of Whitehorse, City of Bayside, City of Cardinia, City of Casey, and the City of Great Dandenong.


If you are not in the areas mentioned above, we will not hesitate to provide our services in the City of Frankston, City of Glen Eira, City of Kingston, City of Monash, and other locations.


Give us a call and leave the worrying to us.


For first timers, we will provide assistance and guide you in choosing the right bin for your waste disposal needs. We will also let you know which ones are ideal for recycling and the ones that should go to the landfill.



For an efficient waste collection and removal, Ezy Skips delivers and picks up the bins on the designated time and date. You can use the skip bins for three (3) days. Should you need them for a longer period, let us know in advance and we will be happy to provide you a new quote and make the necessary arrangements.

Remember, when it comes to waste disposal, you can rely on Ezy Skip Bins East Melbourne!