Recycling Services


Ezy Skips is a Waste Management Service based in Melbourne, Australia offers Local Bin Hire Specialists with excellent services in waste management.


Ezy Skips offers best recycling services in the whole region of Melbourne. We provide high-quality services at the most affordable prices.


We offer Skip Bin specialists services and recycling services in the South – East region of Melbourne. We are one of the most preferred choices for waste management and recycling products

services in Melbourne.


Our recycling service can be of use in the following domains:


  1. Office Materials
  2. Electronics Goods
  3. Shop Floor Cleaning
  4. Factory Renovations


Did you know that the materials you thought are just a waste, you could make really good money out of it? There are so many ways that you can recycle your old materials! We ensure that the recyclable materials will be handled and managed with care and in the most environmentally friendly way.


The items that we generally recycle includes glass jars, aluminium cans, batteries, lead, hard plastic containers, glass bottles, office papers, steel cans, car batteries, garden organic stuff, steel items, pesticides and other materials.


Electronic Goods recycling is one of the most demanded services all over the world. People want to recycle their old computers, laptops, television sets, mobile phones, hard disks, tape recorders and much more. We have very goods options to recycle your electronic wastes in the best possible ways and in an environmentally friendly way.


Ezy Skips have numerous options to take away all your waste products and old goods and take away all the mess from your life.


The Old Batteries and Metal wastes can also be recycled with our services. These are some of the hazardous products that come under the waste category.


However, we have technology available at our workplace to recycle these hazardous metals and the old batteries which have a huge impact if leaked in your surroundings and can pollute the environment in a very negative way that can even impose fines on you.


Papers, Cardboards and Office papers are one of the most used products. These products are produced from trees and consume a very large part of wastage goods.


The cardboards that you get from the market are actually developed from the recycled paper. It has a good quality that it can be recycled many times. You can even recycle the cardboards and papers at your office place and even at your home.


EzySkips are there at your service for recycling these stationery materials including office papers, cardboards and other products.


Apart from this, we also provide services in recycling your chemical wastes. The Chemical waste products may include pesticides, paints and cleaners and can be recycled if you don’t need any of it. These chemical waste materials are again a very hazardous waste products that can harm you and the environment.


We are constantly working at our best levels to help Melbourne city to reduce the pollution and keep the environment clean and make this city a better place to breathe. Other materials such as plastics, broken glasses and lead can be recycled as well in our premises. Lead is actually very dangerous to health and can cause severe health problems if not managed properly.


We provide excellent and affordable services for Waste Management, Rubbish Removal and just any other thing related to it.


We also offer services in recycling e – wastes that include Mobile phones, iPods, printer cartridges, Refrigerators and any other waste product that you can think of.


We have recently expanded our business services to the Eastern Side of Melbourne too.


Apart from this, we also have mechanisms to recycle your fluorescent tube lights and food leftovers that may come under the organic category.


With recycling, our waste management services are also extremely popular in the city of Melbourne. We also provide Skip Bins for households, office locations, factory outlets, shops and anything else. Skip Bins are of great importance to everyone.


  1. Grass Clippings
  2. Scraped Tyres
  3. Bricks Storage
  4. Green Wastes
  5. Household Renovation Wastes
  6. Household Renovation Wastes
  7. Furnitures
  8. Mixed Heavy Wastes
  9. Concrete Structures
  10. Bricks
  11. Small Waste Items
  12. Gas Bottles
  13. Garden Wastes
  14. Gas Cylinders
  15. Small Household Goods


Apart from the above-mentioned waste products, you can dump in other waste materials too if te Bin permits.


EzySkips is a Waste Management Service and recycling service based in Melbourne, Australia regarded as one of the most affordable companies with good quality services. We offer Local Bin Hire Specialists with excellent services in waste management.