Australia is home to a wide class of plant and animals, land area so vast and waters enclosing. There’s so much to love and so much to protect from any potential environmental damage. Although we are speaking of Australia in a bigger scale, people can definitely do something in their own little ways. The idea may already be a clich√©, nevertheless practical.


Start with your own rubbish right in your own city. In the second most populous city of the state of Victoria, in Melbourne, looking after your own rubbish appears to be a reasonable course of action for any resident, young and old.

Many rubbish problems revolve around disposal. The very moment that candy wrapper leaves your hand, the rubbish becomes a national concern. Hence, it’s critical that you, as a resident, follow the guideline for proper way of disposal.

Reduce and Recycle and Use Skip Bins

There’s no better way to ease the problem of waste disposal than simply to reduce the waste itself. Buy products with less or recyclable packaging. There are biodegradable plastics available in the market now, why not try them. Buying in bulk or large volumes also spares you from adding additional wrapper to dispose. The solution, therefore, starts from making smart choices as a buyer.


The City of Melbourne gives out awards, discounts, and other privileges for those who have successfully recycled products, especially for the benefit of the greater community. If you have tin cans, recycle them into decorative pieces like pen holders and vases. You may even sell them out for less than a dollar or so. You even get to be creative and have fun in the process.

Waste Segregation

Whatever is left after your do-it-yourself reducing and recycling goes to the bin. The very basic, of course, is to segregate your garbage according to its biodegradability. Can this particular piece of plastic be sold to junk shops for recycling? Then it goes to this box. Is this aerosol spray hazardous it cannot just be thrown into bins carelessly? Then it goes to this other box.

The biodegradable ones are best to be disposed in compost pits, where they can rot. Follow the safety and sanitary precautions if you intend to make one for your household For instance, the wet materials have to be further separated, lest they would cause foul odor and invite insects and bacteria to thrive in damp areas. The resulting soil after the materials have decomposed would be ideal for planting, which is just perfect for those with green thumbs.


Prepare bins and as said, create a pit for your own household. It’s a personal investment for your family’s health and sanitation, although there are those provided free by the government for the community as a whole.

When buying, choose the durable ones, preferably with metal cases and stands to keep them away from dogs and cats. Always cover bins with lids to prevent the spread of flies and other insects, even with non-biodegradable thrashes.

Get Active and Get Updated

The government is active in their cause to dispose waste properly, thus they strategically set collection days. Get to know these dates in your local areas. Further, do not just be passive. When there are damaged or lost bins in the community, report them immediately to authorities. After all, the battle against environmental preservation is a collaborative effort between the government and the people.

Removal Companies

There are items in your household that you find hard to dispose such as appliances, furniture or house accessories like pipes, especially after renovation or construction. If they’re too damaged to be sold, and there’s a strict regulation in your area, call a rubbish removal or skip bin hire company like EZY Skips ¬†for help. Sure, their services come with a fee but you can at least be guaranteed you won’t transgress any regulation or endanger any health.

There are rubbish experts out there that cater to different waste disposal concerns- green waste, builders waste, hazardous waste, and so on. Because they are in the business, they are already knowledgeable and equipped with the right tools. You can have things the easy way, especially if the collection day in your area is less frequent.

In Melbourne, there are hundreds of these removal experts just as there are hundreds of environment-friendly options to help the government achieve a cleaner and greener place. You can recycle, create a compost pit, segregate, or call a removal company. All that is needed is your commitment to continued practice. Make smart choices, and start now.

Melbourne Rubbish Removal Guide