Skip Bin Sizes


Skip Bins are of great importance to everyone. EzySkips is one of the best companies for Waste Management Services based in Melbourne, Australia. EzySkips are your Local Bin Hire Specialists that offers excellent services in waste management.


We have different products suitable for your different needs. We have products that will help you out for a Spring Cleaning or even if you’re up with a major renovation of your Home, Offices, Commercial Spaces or just anything else.


We provide services for Waste Management, Rubbish Removal and just any other thing related to it.


EsySkips provides numerous types of Bins with different sizes depending upon your needs. Let us look at some of our Skip Bins and get to know about the Skip Bin Sizes that we have in for our Clients.


  1. 2m3 Bin


This is one of our Best Skip Bins sizes available in the whole region of Melbourne. This is probably the Smallest Bin that EzySkips offers for its clients. This comes under the category of Mini Skip Bins. The Dimension for the 2m3 Skip Bins is 1900 X 1600 X 950 mm. This is one of the best sizes available for small waste management tasks.


You can use our 2m3 Skip Bin for the following purposes:


  1. Grass Clippings
  2. Small Household Goods
  3. Garden Wastes


It may also include just anything else that may fit into it. However, ensure that you keep up with the weight restrictions for the 2m3 Skip Bin as it has a particular that it can handle. Also, we have some restrictions on the Household goods.


  1. 3m3 Bin


This is probably effective for larger households. It is best when you have more amount of wastes which cannot be fitted into 2m3 Skip Bin Size.


The major advantage with this Skip Bin Size is it can be lifted by the Garbage Career Vans very easily. The Dimension for this 3m3 Skip Bins is 1400 X 1800 X 1350 mm.


These Skip Bins can include the following kinds of Waste products:


  1. Green Wastes
  2. Small Waste Items
  3. Household Renovation Wastes


This Skip Bin Size is probably larger and better than the 2m3 if you have loads of wastes on day to day basis.




  1. 4m3 Bin


The Dimension for the 4m3 Skip Bin is 330 X 1600 X 950 mm. It provides a large storage for Waste Management tasks.


The main advantage with these range of Skip Bins is that it provides an access door to the Bin. Therefore, it offers a better solution to those who have larger waste management requirements.


This type of Skip Bins is beneficial for the following waste products:


  1. Furnitures
  2. Bricks Storage
  3. Household Renovation Wastes


  1. 6m3 Bin


This is one of the largest Skip Bin Sizes in whole Melbourne that we have to offer for the clients. This Skip Bin also has an easy access featured Door that lets you lock the Waste Container.


The dimension for this 5m3 Bin is 3700 X 1600 X 1250 nm. It will help you for Scrap Metals and Clean Concrete too.


The 6m3 Bin will help you with medium to a large amount of Rubbish Management. It will also help you to manage the following waste items:


  1. Scraped Tyres
  2. Gas Cylinders


Its the best if you have a large waste storage handling if you need so. Just fill in the waste products in it and we shall take it out of your life. Although you can literally store a very large amount of waste in this Bin, you have to ensure that there are some restrictions with the weight in a particular Bin size. You have to follow these limits.


  1. 8m3 Bin


Finally, this is the Largest Bin we have to offer. As per our experience, this is probably the Best storage unit no matter how large is the waste storage.


With a dimension of 3700 X 1600 X 1660 nm, you basically fill any of the stuff that you wish to and we shall pick it up.


The 8m3 Skip Bin will be effective for storing the following things:

  1. Mixed Heavy Wastes
  2. Concrete Structures
  3. Bricks
  4. Gas Bottles


We have Skip Bin specialists and we offer services in the Eastern Side of Melbourne and in the South – East region too. We are one of the most preferred choices for the local residents of Melbourne. We care for your time. We offer Bins to you at any given point of time depending upon your convenience.