Mini Skip Bins


The Mini Skip Bins includes the small sized skip bins which are usually of the sizes 2m3 and 3m3. These mini bin boxes must be of good quality so as to handle all the wastage efficiently.


Ezy Skips is a Waste Management Service based in Melbourne, Australia regarded as one of the most affordable companies that provide good quality services. A Skip is great for Waste Management and even big cleanouts.


We have expanded our Business to serve the residents of Eastern Side of Melbourne too.


We have various types of Skip Bins from Jims Skips  at our end that intends to fulfil all your needs. We have products that will help you with a major renovation in your Office spaces and other Commercial spaces. EzySkips offers Local Bin Hire Specialists with excellent services in waste management.


Here are some of the Mini Skip Bins that we have in store for the citizens of Melbourne.


  1. 2m3 Bin


2m3 Sized Mini Skip Box is the best in the Mini Skip Bin category available in entire Melbourne city. The 2m3 Bin hire offers a dimension of 1900 X 1600 X 950 mm. These Skip Bins are of excellent use for Household waste management tasks.


We ensure that we provide the best quality mini bins as per your choice and the bins would be delivered to you within no time. Once the bin is filled up completely, we shall pick it up from your premises within no time.


EzySkips offer high-quality Skip Bins with a good material build that can handle more amount of wastes compared to other competing Skip Bins available in the market. This Skip Bin is useful for Small Waste Management Tasks only.


The 2m3 Skip Bins can be used for the following purposes :


  1. Small Household Goods
  2. Garden Wastes


This 2m3 Skip Bin has good mobility and the trash can be carried away with ease. However, you need to ensure that the Waste does not go out of the restricted limits mentioned on every skip bin.


  1. 3m3 Bin


The 3m3 Skip Bins are mostly used for larger households purposes. These are a little large and comes under the Mini Skip Bin category. This is basically used for the larger amount of household wastes products. This is primarily a large mini skip bin.


The Dimension for the 3m3 Mini Skip Bin is 1400 X 1800 X 1350 mm. The best feature of this skip bin is that it can be easily lift with the garbage carrier vans easily making it extremely portable.


The waste items included in this 3m3 Bin can be of the following categories:


  1. Household Renovation Items
  2. Green Waste
  3. Small Waste Items


Broken Furniture items, glass items, old landfills, soil remains and even the kitchen and bathroom waste materials. All of this and many other scrap materials can go into the mini skip bin out of your house. This will definitely help you to keep your house clean and thereby helping Melbourne to be much cleaner than before.


The proper handling of wastes will also help you to avoid various diseases and will, therefore, help you to improve your health as well as your family’s health.


We believe in providing the best services to the citizens of Melbourne city helping them to keep the city clean. We have high-quality materials which you can use for all sorts of occasions as per your convenience.


There are many types of waste items that you can dump into this skip bins provided by EzySkips. You can dump the following items:


  1. General Wastes
  2. Bricks
  3. Sand / Soil Wastes
  4. Concrete Materials
  5. Green Wastes
  6. E – Wastes


The green waste products may include branches, grass, leaves, wood chips, barks and other organic wastes. The E – waste may include electronic items including computer spare parts and other waste materials.


Apart from these mini bins, we also have Large Skip Bins and Mobile Skip Bins for our clients.


EzySkips offer Skip Bin specialists services in the South – East region of Melbourne. We are one of the most preferred choices for the local residents of Melbourne.


We provide Bins to you at any given point of time depending upon your convenience. We have different products suitable for your different needs. We care for your time.


We have Skip Bins that will help you out for a Spring Cleaning or even if you’re up with a major renovation of your Home, Offices, Commercial Spaces or just anything else.