Best Green Waste Skips Across Melbourne

At Ezy Skips, we understand the importance of properly segregating your trash. But we also know that not all trash is easy to dispose of. Especially when the waste you need to dispose of is green waste. This is why we have a specialised service that lets residents of our service areas rent out skip bins specifically designed to store green waste. We also offer a collection service for your green waste, so that you can save yourself from a trip to your closest recycling centre. Should you wish to know more about these services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can properly address your concerns.

Our skip bins and collection service adheres to the rules and bylaws of the city of Melbourne when it comes to green waste management. We comply with the city’s definition of green waste, and limit our collection to the types of waste material that the city’s recycling facilities accept as green waste. Given this, we urge all city residents to familiarise themselves with city green waste policies and definitions, as well as with what they can legally classify as disposable green waste.

What is Green Waste?

The national government’s Department of Environment classifies green waste—or organic waste—in this manner: green waste is primarily waste that is composed of waste material that is readily biodegradable. It should also be a byproduct of a plant or animal resource, which means that the decomposition of these materials are simpler than the decomposition of other manufactured products. This means that materials like timber, paper and cardboard, food refuse, gardening refuse, and similar items are classifiable as green waste.

While this is, by far, not the biggest contribution to the waste products of the country, in the 2010 to 2011 period, Australia collected a rough estimate of five metric tonnes of cardboard and paper waste. This is a small percentage of the overall green waste recovery of twelve metric tonnes, but it illustrates that a good amount of the country’s waste production can be classified as green waste. This type of waste can be recollected by the government, and converted to organic byproducts that can be reused for agricultural purposes.

City Policies On Green Waste Collection

The city of Melbourne provides a free pick-up service for its residents who wish to dispose of their green waste. There are no scheduled pick-ups, but you can call them in order to book a scheduled pick-up for your green waste. Residents can have up to one pick up schedule per month per household, and can dispose of as much as two cubic metres of green waste every collection day. You need to make sure that you properly store and sort your green waste skips prior to collection, as this will make it easier for the collection service to fetch your green waste. Please refer to the government’s website for your area’s schedule.

Note that there is a limitation to the type of green waste that the government will collect. It will accept any kind of organic garden waste—such as leaves, grass clippings, fallen branches and discarded fruit, and even logs, so long as they are not bigger than twenty centimetres in diameter. Other organic materials, such as discarded food, paper or cardboard rubbish, soil, sand, and ash, will not be picked up by the government collection service, and should be disposed of via a professional collection service.

Any non-organic material will not be picked up by the city’s free green waste collection service, and should be included only in your regular garbage disposal collection days.

After collection, your green waste is then brought to any of the city’s recycling facilities.

Green Waste Skips Rental

If you choose not to participate in the city’s green waste collection initiative, you can also choose to procure the services of a third party to collect your green waste, or choose to bring them to the recycling facilities yourself. This will require some knowledge in the storage of organic matter, as well some insight into the proper method of transporting said matter to the city’s composting facilities.

Green waste management and disposal is one of our top concerns here at Ezy Skips. We know that storage of your organic matter can be a little bit tricky, which is why we offer skip bins that are designed for the storage of this kind of trash. We will also instruct you on the proper usage of these bins, and make sure that you are are aware of the city ordinances concerning storage of green waste.